29th July 2018 – Ickworth House

Weather conditions for this task were very different compared to the previous few weeks! In fact, I think the wind and rain was preferable given the hard work that was needed!

Our task was to remove the box hedge from around the edge of the Rotunda of Ickworth House. Small sections of hedge in the garden has been infected with Box Blight, so the decision has been taken to remove it all and replace it with Yew.

We had to cut the bulk of the hedge off, and then dig out the roots. Fortunately the ground wasn’t very hard, but many of the roots still put a good fight! One half of the hedge has been completely removed, but the roots on the other half were still in the ground at the end of the day.

Thank you and well done to all who braved the weather and got so much achieved! Hopefully your aches and pains have just about subsided now…

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Essex & Suffolk National Trust Volunteers

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