28th April 2019 – Danbury Common

A new type of task this week for our second trip to Danbury Common this year. The main purpose of the day was to carry out a tree survey of notable trees. This involved identifying the relevant trees along a boundary path, then recording details such as species, height (a guestimate), girth, precise location, and other notable features of the tree, eg natural bracing.

In addition, a small group covered most of the Common doing a Nightingale survey. This was not the simplest of jobs, having to identify the Nightingale’s song, then trying to pinpoint its location, and trying to work out if it was one that had already been heard! In total, 8 or 9 nightingales were located.

Finally, a few volunteers did a bit of heath management by cutting back gorse and other unwanted vegetation. Oh, and I did a litter pick!

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Essex & Suffolk National Trust Volunteers