21st August 2022 – Dunwich Heath

A change of date, led to a change of task too at Dunwich Heath, where we worked to clear a site to deter reptiles.
The change of date was due to extreme heat the week before, and the change of task was due to the increased priority of preparing for the installation of a toilet waste soakaway. This will improve facilities for ‘visitors’, but – with the habitat ideal for reptiles, it is important not to have them in the diggers’ way.
We cut down vegetation along the planned route, and raked it away, to reduce places to hide. The animals we were most concerned for were lizards, however – we wanted to reduce the chance of harm to all wildlife. Thanks go to the group who worked hard in what was still a very hot day, and cleared a large path through.
And further thanks go to Ranger Lloyd, who led his final task with us at Dunwich. The property has really benefitted from your tenure, and we wish you all the best in your new role!


Essex & Suffolk National Trust Volunteers