24th April 2022 – Bridges Farm, Dedham

We made a visit to always popular Dedham – but this time walking shoes weren’t required, as the worksite was just yards from the meeting point. We were very fortunate with the weather – a beautiful sunny day, but not too hot to work in.

The task was to rabbit fence an area being used as a nursery for local trees, which will be added to the stock on the estate. In order to achieve that, we cut back overgrowth, replaced a few rotten posts, added a new line of posts, and affixed wire and mesh. We also put in two gateposts, and removed a gate to reuse, to improve access.

We had a very productive day, with only the gate left to be attached. We look forward to following the progress of the nursery, and maybe replanting the trees on a future task. Thanks everyone for the hard work and achievement today!


Essex & Suffolk National Trust Volunteers