4th July 2021 – Northey Island

Some sore heads this morning were quickly cleared by the North Sea air at Northey Island. This is another site that we have not visited for around twenty years, and is a really unique place
There were two tasks – firstly a shoreline litter pick, where we were pleased to find not a lot of rubbish! Most of what we did find had been washed up – hopefully our efforts will keep the shore clear for a while.
Once the tide dropped, the causeway appeared, so we could cross to the island and cut back a long length of hedgerow along the road. It was full of butterflies and moths, so needed to be trimmed with hand tools, rather than power tools.
We took an early lunch at the house that the Trust has recently acquired, and were privileged to look around and also access the roof, with an amazing view. As a result, there are as many pictures of the property, as us at work!
Thanks for the hard work everyone, and the additional photos, Lindsey (no prizes for guessing which!)


Essex & Suffolk National Trust Volunteers